Focus for the Creative Heart

We were fewer than usual last Sunday but it was amazing to be together. The lord is moving in our lives.

The worship team Linda (lead) Maggie and David and the technical team Richard and Alan were superlative.

Just had to feedback to you; my talk was based on the reading 1 Cor 12 v 12 – 26; here are the main points ;-

Focus for the creative heart                                                                                     Let all that you do be done in love                                                                      Unity and diversity are not incompatible                                                        Greater honour to the members that seem to be weaker                      Suffering and honouring together

 Below Ralph’s illustration as God spoke to him during the service.

Ralph pic1

Ralph Mann, illustrator & visual artist                                                                                   SpikeIsland,  Bristol U.KT: 07766 814 056

Linda just sent me this song from one of her favourite groups ‘Casting Crowns’ – says it all!  Click below (sticks a couple of times please don’t be put off)

See you at the next Fresh expression Feb 24th 4 30pm @ St Edyth’s: can’t wait!


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